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Hi, I'm Mainuddin Hassan (Kushal).
Just a simple, introvert, working class human being from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration degree from BRAC University Bangladesh on 2018 with a double major of Marketing & E-Business. Started my MBA almost immediately in the same place. Although I'm still trying to figure out the usefulness of my life long journey of academic education.
Back in my childhood, I was taught that we need education to be a better human being, to be educated. When I grew up, I got to know that it was a lie, we receive education just to get a job, to earn livelihood. Being better human being or enlightened has nothing to do with it. So, fulfilling that only purpose I took a job in Foodpanda Bangladesh Limited right after my graduation. Till now I'm working there. That's the only usefulness of my lifelong education I found so far.

Apart from that, I love to do music. Well, I don't sing, rather love to play different musical instruments. My core is in Indian bamboo flute, but have keen interest in guitar, ukulele, Cajon drums & keyboard. Also, know how to play some traditional instruments like dotara, ektara, khomok, khonjoni etc.

By now you should have an idea about the kind of person I am. Might seem different at the first glance, but I'm not a person who is satisfied with a life that follows the same routing every single day. To escape from boredom, I often flee from the surroundings. Thus my love for traveling takes place. Though I'm not much of an outgoing person, can never resist being in a place that is quiet, filled with pure nature & peace.

This website contains my portfolio, basic information and contact information. You will also find my musical contents and some the art that I make during my free times in here. I write blogs about my life, travels & everything else in Feel free to click in the box bellow to read my blogs.


The biggest truth of life, food of soul and the only gift for which I thank god every single day. My dad used to teach me music when I was a child, 5/6 years old may be. My love for music started from there. Now I know how to play flute, guitar, ukulele, cajon, dotara and some other traditional musical intrument.


Traveling is a hobby that I adopted as a grown up. Whenever I feel down with my life, loose hope, have my back stuck to the wall, I travel. Traveling gives fresh energy to live, a clear mind to think and to love life even more. Rather than conventional tourist spots, I prefer to be somewhere closer to the nature. A little adventure with the love of nature, that's all that I need to say my boredom bye bye.


Photography is like my newest hobby. It started from my habit of traveling. I never capture human, I prefer not to. Capturing nature is what interests me the most while it comes to photography. Still learning many different things, but my love for it seems to be increasing every single day.


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I'm an e-commerce specialist having my bachelor’s degree with a major in E-Business. Also, I've been working in e-commerce ever since I started working. Well skilled in CMS and e-commerce marketing tools. Successful strategist with proven work experiences.


Well experienced in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Have designed facebook marketing materials for different companies professionally. Currently taking part in the digital marketing designs of Foodpanda Bangladesh Limited.


Certified SEO expert with practical working experience. Was trained by the finest of the industry in BITM. Worked as a freelance content writer for time being. My experience is in keyword research, content development and link building.

Content Creation

Content creation is one of my specialty. Prefer to stay behind the camera but able to perform in front one too. Have collaborated with many artists in the country. Have technical skills in Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition & FL Studio.


Now this is my passion, my love, my everything. Specialized in playing flute. Know how to play Guitar, Ukulele, Cajon, Ektara, Dotara, Mouth Organ & some other traditional musical instruments. Love to sing. Love to learn new instruments now and then.

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